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News Articles

    1. Women’s Ceremony

      You are invited to our Women’s Ceremony

      Celebrating Our Women who are Transitioning to the next phase of our program and

      Our newest Alumni who have completed our program

      Date: March 15th, 2018

      Time: 6 PM

      Location: Healing Transitions Women’s Campus

      3304 Glen Royal Road
      Raleigh, NC 27617

    2. Our 2015 Fall Campaign

      shelterEmpower change by investing in hope!

      Initiating and sustaining recovery from alcoholism and other substance use disorders occurs in supportive communities where individuals are able to access services on demand and the transformation of lives are visible.

      Healing Transitions is making a difference in lives of the homeless population in Wake County. However, we can’t do it alone. We need your help to ensure our program participants are given everything they need to make positive changes in their lives. Once they receive they are able to grow into healthy, productive and responsible members of our communities.

      Your gift today will help our program participants pick up the pieces of their lives and build a better tomorrow. Will you help us?

    3. Men’s Ceremony

      You are invited to our Men’s Transition Ceremony!

      Celebrating Our Men who are Transitioning to the next phase of our program and

      Our newest Alumni who have completed our program

      Date: February 15th, 2018

      Time: 6 PM

      Location: Healing Transitions~Men’s Campus

      1251 Goode Street

      Raleigh, NC 27603

    4. The Healing Place of Wake County Announces New Name

      The Healing Place of Wake County has changed its name to Healing Transitions. The new Healing Transitions will continue to empower people who are homeless and suffer from substance use issues transition to a fulfilling life. However, the new name reflects their expanding services to individuals, families and communities across North Carolina.

      “For 14 years, The Healing Place has helped the county’s homeless and addicted find their way back to becoming productive members of society – fully employed, with money saved and living in a recovery-oriented environment,” said Dennis Parnell, president and CEO. “Our new name focuses on the transition our clients make, and also highlights our own addition of new outpatient services.”

      Since opening in 2001, the non-profit has provided over 1 million beds of shelter and helped reduce the local homeless population by 25 percent. Healing Transitions’ programming, which focuses on alcohol and drug addiction recovery, will now include outpatient care in Wake County.

      “With more than 70-percent of our alumni in sustained recovery one year out of the program we’ve proven this program works,” continued Parnell. “We’re building on that success by offering a full slate of services to a grossly-underserved segment of our population.”

      Healing Transitions will adapt its successful peer services model to help families dealing with alcohol, drug and mental health issues. Family centered programs are especially important for adolescents whose positive transition can be negatively influenced by wayward peers. The non-profit will continue providing assessments for the court as well as full DWI services, individual care, private case management, family work and much more.