For 20 years, Healing Transitions has been a beacon of light for thousands of people battling addiction and homelessness. These brave individuals found their way to our campuses determined to find a better life — a life of freedom, dignity and hope.

And as they’ve passed from the darkness of addiction into the light of recovery, carrying their message of life and hope into our community, more and more people have followed and the light has grown ever brighter.

Where there is light, there is life. And there is hope.


So, what’s made our light so powerful over the years? It’s the vibrant collection of our people. From participants to staff to donors to community leaders and partners, over the past 20 years, a recovery village has taken shape before our very eyes. And oh what a tremendous sight it is to see!

Join us this holiday season as we introduce you to a small representation of folks who’ve made us the beacon of light and life we are today.



Silver Chipper #175

“Healing Transitions taught me a lot of life lessons. Most importantly, they taught me how to be a good mom. I had never parented sober before Healing Transitions.”

West sitting on a bench outside


Silver Chipper #3

“I have six grandsons – from ages 4 to 20 – and none of them have seen or heard of me using drugs and alcohol. Healing Transitions has reunited me with my family.”

Paul in white shirt and blue baseball hat standing near an orange rock face


Silver Chipper #716

“Today, I’m back with my wife and a part of my kids’ lives from morning to night. My goal was to drink myself to death, but Healing Transitions saved my life.”

Raeford standing inside with white shirt and name tag


“Healing Transitions has saved my life, and in my 20 years of service here, I’ve seen it save so many more. The impact I’ve seen this place make has been huge.”

Jamie outside smiling in a purple long sleeve shirt


“Recovery for me today is so much more than I ever thought it could be. I get to watch my daughter go to school every single day and I have my family back again.”

Young woman with braids and red shirt smiling


“Healing Transitions allowed me to focus on me and identify my [unhealthy] behaviors so I don’t repeat them. This place has been my stepping stone to a new life.”

Herb in a black baseball hat and red sweater


Silver Chipper #268

“I’m so grateful for Healing Transitions and I never want to go back to being the guy I was before. Drugs and alcohol no longer serve a purpose in my life.”

Courtni smiling outside in green long sleeve shirt


Silver Chipper #163

“Every day, there’s a new obstacle in front of me I try to face with grace. When life challenges me, I try to remember that God has already worked it all out.”

Linda Strother

Linda Strother

The Visionary

A public health nurse who, after years of searching for a solution, came across The Healing Place of Louisville, Kentucky — the program model we follow today.

Fred Barber inside with white button down shirt and black sweater smiling

Fred Barber

The Leader

Fred, along with Maria Spaulding and Barbara Goodmon, became known in the community as the “Dynamic Trio.” They demonstrated charm, perseverance, and grit.

Maria Spaulding standing outside in red blouse smiling

Maria Spaulding

The Personality

“One of the best days of my life was when we opened and probably the most outstanding thing I feel like I’ve done in my whole career. I would never exchange it for anything.”

Barbara Goodmon

Barbara Goodmon

The Powerhouse

“When we came back, we got off the airplane, and Fred, Maria, and I made a pact that we would see to it that Healing Transitions was built. And that’s how it started.”

Bob & Carol Bilbro

Bob & Carol Bilbro

Our Changemakers

20-year supporters and Recovery Can’t Wait Capital Campaign co-chairs, these champions and the history of Healing Transitions go hand in hand.

Middle age lady holding a "Walk for Recovery" sign


Our Village

Together, our donors, employers, volunteers, mentors, alumni, participants, and staff move our mission forward. Without YOU, our work would not be possible.


Today, our community is a shining example that long-term recovery can flourish when we all believe in the seemingly impossible. And we need YOU to keep our light growing stronger and brighter. In order for us to continue offering our life-saving recovery services to anyone who needs them the moment they need them, we must raise $400,000 between now and December 31.

This holiday season, as we close out our 20th anniversary year, we ask you to give generously. Your investment in Healing Transitions saves lives. Please keep our beacon of light shining brightly for decades to come.


BY 12/31/21