Non-Medical Detoxification

Detox Services

The Healing Transitions Detox Center at our men’s and women’s campuses provides a caring and supportive environment where those suffering from substance use disorders can safely detox and initiate recovery. Our non-medical detox centers provide services on demand twenty-four hours a day/7 days a week and offer an alternative to emergency rooms, jails, or the streets.


The two overarching goals of our Healing Transitions Detox Center are to help people safely detox and to help them engage with the necessary supports in order to stay in recovery.  Staff use validated withdrawal assessment tools to determine when an individual needs a higher level of care in a medically managed detox or emergency department.  To enhance motivation for recovery, individuals are introduced to current participants, alumni and others in recovery.  Exposure to others in recovery provides hope, support and encouragement, which are important factors for initiating recovery.


Additionally, individuals in recovery can come to the Healing Transitions Detox Center if they are concerned that their recovery is in jeopardy and need a safe, supportive environment to be in.


Have questions? We are happy to help. Please call our Men’s Detox: 919-838-9848 or Women’s Detox: 919-865-2558 if you have more questions about our Non-Medical Detox.