Homelessness and Health


Survival, not medical treatment, is the homeless person’s main priority. The use of alcohol and other drugs are part of the lifestyle, often resulting in illnesses such as tuberculosis, HIV, severe dental problems and malnutrition. Lack of healthcare often results in frequent emergency visits to facilities subsidized by taxpayers and the health insurance system.


To address these healthcare issues, Healing Transitions operates an on-site Health Care Program offering a wide range of healthcare for participants as well as referrals to medical facilities. We utilize a variety of professional volunteers to staff our clinics including volunteer physicians, nurse practitioners, PA’s, nurses, and clerical support. We also refer clients to outside agencies such as dental clinics, mental health clinics, Project Access, patient assistance programs for medications the participant wouldn’t have access to.


The Health Clinic Program provides classes to educate each person on how to access health care, properly take medications, care for their chronic illnesses and gives them time to focus on their recovery.


The Health Clinic Program provides clinical hours, using professional volunteers, several times per week at each facility for acute illness as well as some chronic illnesses such as hypertension and diabetes. Each facility provides tuberculosis testing for every person that utilizes our overnight emergency shelter. This is provided through a partnership with Wake County Health Department. The Wake County Health Department also provides HIV/STI testing along with a monthly education class for all clients.