The Motivation and Engagement Track is the first part of the Recovery Program.  There are three main objectives of the Motivational Track:


  1. Help people engage in recovery
  2. Increase one’s motivation and hope for recovery
  3. Allow participants to explore the Recovery Program without having to make a full commitment

In the Motivation and Engagement Track participants attend Recovery Dynamics® classes and 12-step meetings in exchange for a guaranteed bed and place to store their belongings.


The Commit to Recovery I Track is the second part of the Recovery Program.  In the Commit to Recovery Track participants receive more privileges in exchange for more responsibilities to the Recovery Program.  Participants have regular responsibilities in the kitchen, maintenance, security, laundry and grounds.  Participants attend the remaining Recovery Dynamics group sessions, job readiness and life skills classes taught through Wake Technical Community College and participate in peer accountability.


The Commit to Recovery II Track is the third part of the Recovery Program.  The goals of the Transitional Track are to help participants move towards self-sufficiency while sustaining their recovery.  Participants will gain employment, address barriers to self-sufficiency and identify recovery housing they can move to.  Some participants in the Transitional Track will volunteer to teach the Recovery Dynamics® curriculum to newer participants before seeking employment.


Healing Transitions Alumni Status is the fourth part of the Recovery Program.  Alumni return to campus to teach classes, visit new and current participants, eat meals and receive additional support and resources to aid in their continued recovery.