A Unique Experience – Miranda’s Story

Before I got to Healing Transitions four months ago, my life was chaotic and very unmanageable. I had some of my family who helped me find this place and get me here originally.

The beginning part of the recovery program was particularly challenging for me because we really work hard for our sobriety. But, obviously, we worked hard when we were using, so this is a great opportunity to be ourselves. I would say it isn’t easy, but the rewards are priceless.

It’s a unique experience going through this program because it’s peer-run and you spend a lot of time with people because you spend a lot of time together. It feels a lot like hanging out with family because we get so close and have so many people to talk to. My favorite part of the program so far has been getting to work for the Building & Grounds crew twice. I love getting to work with my peers and staff.

I feel good about my future right now. Everything is going well with my community and mentors, and I’m getting a few things cleaned up in my life. So right now, I feel really great moving forward!– Miranda, HT Participant


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