2022/12/03 09:00:00

24 Hours to Support Recovery

Join us for our 5th Annual Oakwood24 run benefitting Healing Transitions at the Historic Oakwood Cemetery!

This year’s 24-hour run will begin at 9:00am on Saturday, December 3rd, and go until 9:00am on Sunday, December 4th.

To date, The Oakwood24 has raised over $225,000 for Healing Transitions!

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There are multiple ways that you pledge your support for The Oakwood24! Whether it’s a one-time donation, per-mile donation, or event sponsorship, every dollar goes to help homeless, uninsured, and underserved individuals struggling with addiction.

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For the second time, The Oakwood24 will be an official timed ultra run! We have 6, 12, and 24-hour timed challenges this year.

About Jon Frey

Jonathan Frey is an ultra-runner, fitness leader, and person in recovery. In August of 2016, he joined Healing Transitions’ recovery program struggling with alcoholism and substance use. While he was at HT, Jon worked hard on himself and his recovery, getting involved with fitness group F3. He completed the program one year later and has been in sustained recovery for five years. Jon now dedicates his life to fitness, helping others get involved with recovery outside of HT, and giving back through service. He continues to lead workouts for F3 every week.


Running has played an important role in Jon’s life. Even before his recovery, he found solace and healing through running, helping him through some of his darker moments. Once he began the recovery program at Healing Transitions, he started using long-distance running as a tool for his recovery and has since continued to run 100 mile races regularly. This will be his 5th Oakwood24 event

About Healing Transitions

Healing Transitions is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides free, life-saving recovery services to more than 300 homeless, uninsured and underserved individuals in Wake County every day. Their innovative, peer-run program is always open to those who need assistance, and they never turn anyone anyway. For more information, visit our website!

Alec “Warchild” Romulus Memorial Hour

From 10-11am on Saturday the 3rd, we are honoring the memory of a dear friend and family member, Alec “Warchild” Romulus. Alec first stepped through the doors of Healing Transitions in December 2016 following more than 8 years of active addiction with numerous stents in various rehabs, inpatient facilities, and recovery homes all over the country, each resulting in relapse.  It was through the grace, compassion, and integrity of Healing Transitions and the brotherhood of F3 that provided Alec the strength and willpower to fight every moment of every day in the name of recovery.

On April 19, 2018, Alec was humbly honored his Silver Chip #790 for completing the Healing Transitions recovery program and was given the BEST 3 years of his life!  Alec was always his happiest when surrounded by his mother (Becky), 3 sisters (Kylie, Taylor & Leah), brothers (Eric, Charles & Graham), nieces (Laney & Evie), and nephews (Cooper & Miles).  There wasn’t anything Alec loved more than his friends and family, but the ocean and The Grateful Dead were close behind. Alec was one of a kind, who loved fiercely, worked hard, and had a smile that could light up any room. He lived his life to the fullest and was always up for an adventure. There wasn’t a place Alec went where he didn’t have a positive impact on someone’s life.

We tragically lost Alec on June 16, 2019, at the age of 28 following a relapse and not being given the opportunity to return to his HT/F3 family and peers to allow him to learn from his struggles and share his story to help others.  It is now our job to carry on his memory and share his story to end the stigma of addiction and raise awareness for those who don’t have a voice.  He is so deeply missed by everyone who was lucky enough to know him and whose lives were touched by him. We are proud to honor Alec’s memory as part of today’s events and for Jon Frey to carry on his legacy!

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