2020 Annual Report
Resilient together.


Chris Budnick, Executive Director

The struggles and perseverance of 2020 have been acutely felt by the population we serve: homeless, uninsured, and underserved individuals with addiction. The stressors of COVID-19, economic hardship, and racial injustice exerted tremendous pressure upon individuals, families, communities, and the nation. At Healing Transitions, we have been challenged to navigate the difficulties by developing new skills, innovations, and partnerships, and we are drawing upon these experiences to build a better today and tomorrow. As I reflect on the depth of loss experienced by many in 2020, I am uplifted by the resilience, unity, and compassion demonstrated by the Healing Transitions community in four specific areas.



TOTAL REVENUE – $4,964,098

TOTAL EXPENSES – $5,072,060


If January was any indication of how 2020 was positioned to play out, we were on track to realize yet another consecutive year of record-breaking demand. Once the global pandemic reached Wake County, everything changed. Almost overnight, we reduced our bed capacity at both campuses to remain safe and follow CDC and Wake County guidelines. COVID impacted our program numbers, but thanks to our incredible recovery village and committed staff, we helped as many people as we could. Though 2020 brought challenges, we did what we always do – made a positive impact on those struggling with addiction.

In spite of the pandemic and its economic impact, Healing Transitions rose to the challenge. Even at reduced capacity we remained open and operational throughout while successfully continuing to raise significant funds towards our capital campaign expansion efforts. Many thanks to our staff, boards, and community supporters. We are well-positioned to remain a vital force in our community.

Leon Woodruff, Board Chair


To each of our 1,291 generous donors (519 of whom were first-time givers), we thank you! To our 90+ community partners (including but not limited to healthcare providers, first responders, employers, nonprofit partners, educational programs, and criminal justice, recovery, faith, fitness and housing organizations), we thank you! To our countless volunteers, including our capital campaign steering and honorary committee members, we thank you! And to our faithful leadership team, we thank you! Without you, we could not move our mission forward. We are beyond grateful for your support and commitment.

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