2021 Annual Report
20 years strong.


Chris Budnick, Executive Director

The joy of 2021 was sharing in recovery milestones as we marked 20 years of operations at our men’s campus and 15 years of operations at our women’s campus. A number of men and women who have been with us since the beginning celebrated 20 and 15 years of sustained recovery, respectively. This is a celebration of their freedom from addiction. A celebration of an end to their homelessness. And especially of the impact recovery has had on their loved ones. It is an honor to witness their lives. It is a reminder that recovery impacts everyone.



TOTAL REVENUE – $5,907,852*

TOTAL EXPENSES – $5,313,834

*Wondering what we did with the extra revenue? $290,874 of funding received in 2021 was restricted for use in future years and/or specific projects. In addition, excess revenues ($90,242) have been used to show appreciation to our employees who have endured the complexities and stress of operations during the pandemic, and the remaining $212,902 has been set aside as we work toward building reserves equal to one year’s worth of operating cash.




2021 marked the final year of our historic Recovery Can’t Wait capital campaign for expansion, which far exceeded every goal we set, including raising a total of $23.8 million for recovery (more than double our initial goal). There is no question that none of this would have been possible without the incredible campaign leadership we had working tirelessly behind the scenes. Please join us in thanking this special group of 49 devoted volunteers without whom expansion would simply be a dream. Because of each of you, expansion is now a reality. Thank you. We are forever grateful.

Evelyn Barber, Tri-Chair

Barbara Goodmon, Tri-Chair

Maria Spaulding, Tri-Chair

Prentiss Baker

Jerry Bernstein, MD

Holly Blanton

Marion Church

David Crabtree

Scott Crawford

Charlie Engle

Jill Gammon

Nancy Johns

John Kane

Thomas Sayre

Kyle & Matthew Szulik

Helen White

Rosemary & Smedes York

Carol & Robert Bilbro, MD, Co-Chairs

Jeff Barnhart

Cecelia & Mike Condrey

Richard Gaylord

Bob Goodale

Larry Hinnant

Jenn Hogshead

Dan Johns

Stephen Leinenweber, MD

Ann & Glenn Matteson

Scott Mauzy

David Meeker

Terree Montgomery

Linda Quarles

Waltye Rasulala

JP Rotchford

Cecil Sewell

Mark Steward

Brad Turlington

Chris Valauri

Richard Watkins

Jerry Weaver

Tammi Williams, MD

Leon Woodruff, MD

Carol & Robert Bilbro, MD, Co-Chairs

Cecelia Condrey

Barbara Goodmon

Jenn Hogshead

Agnes Marshall

Ann Matteson

Barbara McGuire

Terree Montgomery

Waltye Rasulala

Travis Tracy

Linda Quarles

June Williams

woman with shovel in hand

Our Board of Trustees, Board of Directors, staff and participants, are most appreciative of our corporate partners, and individual sponsors for the integral role you each played in our success in 2021. While 2021 was a tumultuous year, we made strides. With COVID running rampant, perseverance prevailed. Site work for expansion at our men and women’s campuses began and construction is scheduled to begin in 2022. This exemplifies health and hope. The commitment, drive, and tenacity of our staff, coupled with the unwavering support of our sponsors-partners-contributors, make for a winning combination.

Evelyn Booker, Chair


To each of our 1,620 generous donors (849 of whom were first-time givers), we thank you! To our 100+ community partners (including but not limited to healthcare providers, first responders, employers, nonprofit partners, educational programs, and criminal justice, recovery, faith, fitness, and housing organizations), we thank you! To our countless volunteers, including our capital campaign steering, honorary, and community gifts committee members, we thank you! And to our staff members and faithful leadership team, we thank you! Without you, we could not move our mission forward. We are beyond grateful for your support and commitment.

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