Having Time to Find Purpose – John’s Story

“Before coming to Healing Transitions, my life was completely unmanageable. I had a part-time job and was living out of my car between two supermarket parking lots. I would wake up in the morning and do my best to bathe in a convenience store bathroom, then go to work where I would drive around with another person in active addiction. We would stop three times each day by the liquor store so he could get what he needed to fulfill his duties. At the end of the day, I would return to the parking lot and use whatever funds I had to drink and chase it with crack cocaine.

By the time I made it to HT, I had abandoned all sense of structure and discipline in my life. But the beginning stages of the recovery program, I was able to just plug myself into a program that gave me the structure I needed. It kept me from having to make my own decisions and I just followed the lead of those who came before me. 

Currently, I’m in the final stage of the program. The best part of being here is the fellowship. Not just with my fellow participants, but with the alumni and staff as well. The biggest lesson I’ve learned while being here is to find purpose in each and every step I take. You’re given a lot of time to go through the process of recovery at HT, and that gift of time has allowed me to seek and find purpose, specifically with helping others.” – John, HT Participant


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