Recovery is a Lifelong Process – Jane’s Story

“I’m in the final stage of the recovery program and will be looking for work and transitioning into sober living very soon. Before I came to HT, I was on a bender. I had some clean time a few years before that, but it just became unmanageable for me. I was so tired, uncomfortable, and unhappy, and knew something had to change. So I found my way here, where I’ve been for the last 11 months.

It’s not easy going through the recovery program – it takes work. And being here during the COVID pandemic made things even more difficult as we’ve taken different safety precautions over the past year. However, I’ve learned to adjust and respect the situation everyone is going through because of it.

I loved working in the kitchen, which was my first commitment, and really enjoy helping out in the planning room currently. We do the best we can to help the up-and-coming participants because I know how I felt when I arrived. I felt lost and like nobody really cared about me. So I like being on the other side of it where I can check in with the ladies, and they can check in with me, too.

The biggest thing I’ve learned here is that clean time and recovery are two different things. And what I’ve gotten here is recovery – and tons of information about it. I have to use this information to maintain my sobriety. It’s a lifelong process that doesn’t stop because I’ve completed the program here. I must put forth great effort and do all of the things I’ve learned in this program. And knowing that makes me feel good about my future because I now have a better foundation.” – Jane, HT Participant


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