BY 12/31/22


Our staff works tirelessly to keep our mission going. They’re the ones who enable us to provide on-demand, life-saving recovery services as many times as it takes. And 82% of them happen to be alumni. They’ve received the gift of Recovery Life, and they’re determined to pay it forward, because Recovery Life is the gift that keeps on giving.


You see, when alumni live out their Recovery Life as staff (like West did who you’ll meet below), they bring hope to current participants, and there is no greater gift. That’s why we committed to a cost-of-living adjustment in salaries and benefits earlier this year to show our dedicated staff that we care and appreciate how challenging the past few years have been on them. Now, we’re asking you to commit.


Show them you care as much as we do by investing in them this holiday season.
Because the healthier our people are, the healthier our mission will be.

WEST’S Recovery Life

HE’S SILVER CHIPPER #3 AND HAS 21 YEARS OF RECOVERY. As one of the first program alumni to join our staff, West displayed the importance of having someone ahead of you in Recovery Life to believe in. He currently serves on our Board of Trustees and has acted as a long-time connection point between program participants, staff, and leadership — connecting the essence of Recovery Life at Healing Transitions. West knows better than anyone that Recovery Life is the gift that keeps on giving…


Recovery is a way of life filled with amazing gifts like freedom, purpose, dignity, community, and tools for living. Recovery is also filled with challenges, obstacles and moments of truth. It’s dynamic and hard to define, but you know it when you see it. At Healing Transitions, we call this Recovery Life, and we see it every day… displayed through our staff, participants, and alumni.


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