A Common Bond – Steven’s Story

“I’m currently in the last stage of the program and am doing a service commitment helping HT with fundraising and administrative tasks. I’m also a re-tracker, which means that I had the opportunity to come back here and start anew after a setback.

Before coming to HT, I was living in a tent on the streets of Raleigh for three or four years, pretending that I was from another country and begging for money. My entire identity was finding a way to get another drink, then isolating in my tent and drinking myself to oblivion.

Going through the program has allowed me to build relationships with people in recovery and become more disciplined. This place is highly structured, but it’s not overbearing. And for me, the structure is critical in early recovery.

The biggest thing I’ve learned in this program is to ask for help. For a lot of us folks in recovery or struggling with addiction, we can be reluctant to ask for help because we feel like we’re being a burden or that it’s petty to ask for help. Realizing that it’s there’s a certain type of strength and courage to ask other people for help, and being vulnerable enough to put yourself out there to receive help, that has been the most beneficial to me.

I love waking up every morning and seeing other people who are like-minded and going through the same struggles that I am. We share that common bond. I feel like I’m surrounded by people who truly understand most of the things that I am going through, and I have a lot of gratitude for that.– Steven, HT Participant


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