Phil Landis

Board of Directors

Phil is the former President/CEO of Veterans Village of San Diego (VVSD) a non-profit organization that serves over three thousand challenged veterans and non-veterans a year, most of whom are homeless. VVSD’s many programs include a long-term residential drug/alcohol rehabilitation center; transitional and permanent housing; employment and onsite trauma and grief counseling. The agency was the first in the nation to provide a homeless court program and was the founder of Stand Down and many other innovative resources for homeless men, women, and families. Under Phil’s watch, VVSD developed over sixty million dollars of real estate projects to include a five-acre campus for homeless men and women and 54 units of low-income housing. He has been an advocate for those severely challenged among us through public speaking and political action. He has testified before congress regarding homeless issues on numerous occasions. Phil is now retired from the workforce and lives in the Raleigh area along with his wife Jan. He remains committed to making our community a better and stronger place one person and one family at a time and considers it an honor to continue in service at Healing Transitions.