Sheree Klepchick


Sheree Klepchick is the Comptroller at Healing Transitions. She graduated from Barton College in 2004, where she earned her B.S. in Accounting. She went on to work for an accounting firm in Zebulon for almost 10 years, serving primarily as an auditor where she audited nonprofits, local governments, charter schools, homeowners associations, etc. While at the CPA firm, she went back and earned her Master’s degree in Accounting in 2010 and her CPA license in 2012. After working with so many nonprofit clients, she decided that she wanted to be in their position and doing something for the greater good and being a part of a team that was making a difference – so she began working for Healing Transitions. When she’s not at work, Sheree enjoys working out and lifting competitively, watching her three kids play soccer, and spending time with her family and friends (her village). Her favorite part of working at Healing Transitions is sharing a smile with everyone that she passes by in hopes of brightening that person’s day, saying “folks at Healing Transitions are here because they are broken and seeking a better life. I have hope for these individuals and I feel that sharing a smile portrays that hope.”