For anyone struggling with addiction, admitting to having a problem is the first step towards recovery. Without acceptance, a transformed life is not possible. Then comes committing to a life of recovery. This part takes a tremendous amount of courage and intentionality. It’s not a one-and-done deal. Rather, it happens one day and one decision at a time. Without it, the journey to freedom will be fleeting.

Now it’s your turn to commit.


We invite you to join a special group of champions we call our ChangeMakers. These supporters donate every month, providing sustainable and recurring revenue we can count on. Just like our participants who “show up” every day, our donors who “show up” every month are making a statement: we believe recovery is possible.



Knowing there are complete strangers out there who care enough about me and my recovery to make an ongoing commitment of support is humbling and overwhelming. It makes me hopeful and grateful that people are willing to help me when I’ve been unable to help myself for so long.


Their commitment to recovery.
Our commitment to them.

One for one. That’s our goal this year. One ChangeMaker for each of the 318 participants we serve per day at Healing Transitions. Will you be one of our newest 175 ChangeMakers?

As a ChangeMaker, you’re investing in the gift of life. The life of a real person with a name. Your monthly support will ensure that we can offer our mission to this person – innovative peer-based, recovery-oriented services. There is no greater way to support our frontlines than this.

Save a life. Become a ChangeMaker.


175 new ChangeMakers will increase our total ChangeMaker family to 318 – the number of people we serve every day at Healing Transitions. Please honor their bravery with your monthly commitment today. Remember, no gift is too small. All people struggling with addiction deserve services on demand – as many times as it takes – to find recovery.

Help us secure one ChangeMaker for every
participant we serve each day!