Gina Martin


Meet Gina. This is her story.


In addiction, I was only living to get high. My drug use put such a strain on my family. Eventually, they did not know what to do. Gripped by the worry they were going to get a call that I was dead, our relationship was severed. I lost all hope that I could get better and live a happy life.


And then I got to Healing Transitions. My experience there absolutely saved my life, I believe that. From the first day that I was there, I had a strong sense that I was home, and I finally felt like I was going to be okay.  


It was a safe place for me to work on myself and get to the real issues of why I used.


Recovery has given me so many wonderful things. I am now the daughter, sister, wife, mother, and friend that I always wanted to be. Recovery has also given me purpose in life to help others. 


I have worked at Healing Transitions for 10 years now as the maintenance coordinator at the women’s facility. I love coming to work every day. I love to watch the growth in the ladies that are here engaging in recovery.  I see myself in them and I can provide hope for a better life.