Jason will celebrate his 10th “recovery-versary” in March 2023. He began using drugs and alcohol in college and eventually started using heroin. He was addicted to heroin for nearly 10 years and ultimately lost his home, his car, his job and his family and spent two years in prison.


His parents had heard about Healing Transitions from Evelyn Barber, a family friend who helped start the program with her husband, Fred, in 2001.


Jason eventually completed the program at Healing Transitions and now works as the Transition Case Manager, helping men who are finishing up the program and seeking to re-enter life, find housing and train for a good job.


Jason has worked in the recovery field since he began his own recovery nearly 10 years ago, and today, he’s proud to say that he is married to a wonderful woman, has reconnected with his family and owns his own home.


“I love what I do but the best thing in my life are the relationships I have now,” Sexton shares with emotion in his voice.