Learning to Love and Trust – Rachel’s Story

I’ve been at Healing Transitions since March 8th of 2020. Before arriving, my life was extremely chaotic. I had no sense of direction and didn’t know what I was doing. All I know is using was like a full-time job, and I was just slowly losing myself.

I got here right as the pandemic began, so at the beginning of my stay here, I wasn’t able to go to outside meetings since everything was going virtual. But the staff was amazing at keeping us safe. They did their best to keep our best interests paramount and were open to us as we moved forward.

The biggest thing I’ve learned here so far is what love is. Learning to love and trust, which can be really hard for me. At a community meeting, once, I had a suggestion to do a “love walk”, where I would go tell people that I loved them and cared about their recovery. That really broke me out of my comfort zone. 

But you know, over the course of my time being here, I can now say that there are 10-15 people that I know deeply and can truly say that I love them. Prior to coming here, I was unable to say that. I would worry that my daughter would grow up not understanding what true love was because I felt that I couldn’t give it.

When I complete the program, I’m going to be breaking out of my comfort zone again as I try to find work and transition back into society. I have some reservations about it and am sure there will be bumps in the road. But everyone here is dealing with various issues, and I feel better knowing that I will be surrounded by care and concern.– Rachel, HT Participant


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