Lindsay Smith, a 33-year-old mother of two, had a transformative experience at Healing Transitions. Her journey has been tumultuous. Wrapped in addiction and in an abusive relationship, Lindsay looks back on this period of her life with sadness. She pushed away people who loved her, and was lonely and depressed.


Her mom was constantly worried for her daughter, and tried to help by sending Lindsay to rehab centers in Florida. Some of these rehab centers had nice amenities like pools, gyms, and endless sunshine. However, Lindsay jokes that, “Even the fancy centers didn’t work.” She wasn’t yet ready to turn her life around.


Thrown back into a lifestyle of harmful choices, Lindsay found herself in rehab again – this time at Healing Transitions in 2020. However, she only stayed briefly. Once again, she wasn’t yet ready to face her demons. What surprised Lindsay, though, was the support she received from the Healing Transitions team even after leaving. The Outreach Team maintained regular contact with her, providing a lifeline of support that she didn’t know how much she needed. She shares that she had women in her inbox regularly, just checking in, making sure she was okay, and offering resources she might need. It was through the Outreach Team’s communication that she was connected to a place to help her navigate her abusive relationship.


Thanks to the Outreach Team staying in touch, Healing Transitions was top of mind for Lindsay.  When she was in need of help in 2021, she found herself at Healing Transitions once again. However, this time was transformational. Lindsay has been sober since walking through the open doors of Healing Transitions in 2021.


Lindsay was ready to put in the work that was required to find a life free of addiction. Though she had been a participant at multiple rehab facilities, she knew this one was different, she shares, “It (Healing Transitions) brought me to my knees.”


One of the biggest things that stood out to Lindsay about Healing Transitions was the support of the women around her. “When you drink to deal with your problems, you feel so alone. But at this place (Healing Transitions) there is constant support and love and women that will love you until you can love yourself.”


Since leaving Healing Transitions, Lindsay is thankful to have made lifelong friendships and carry the tools and lessons she learned with her each day. She is also grateful for the Outreach Team continuing to check in on her. She shares, “I had just had a new baby and was in the process of a move. There were days that I was struggling, and it was like God knew to have this person reach out to me. It gave me a reset to know I’m not alone and that people do think about me.”


Lindsay now stays home with her two children and continues to pursue recovery. She encourages anyone who is considering Healing Transitions to: “take it slow, ask questions, trust God, and reach out when you’re really struggling.”