Meet Timmy Foxx. Recovery Engagement Specialist. Silver Chipper #984. Addict, alcoholic, unicorn, and member of the recovery and LGBTQ communities.


Timmy was introduced to drugs and alcohol at an early age growing up around substance abuse in rural North Carolina. Unfortunately, he experienced firsthand the destruction of alcoholism to a family unit. His parents separated because of his mother’s addiction, and he moved in with his father.


Coming of age, Timmy played tug-of-war with his sexuality, constantly trying to be someone he wasn’t so his dad would understand him. But his dad just couldn’t, so he moved back in with his mom. Her alcoholism had progressed to drug use but at least she was more compassionate. And she allowed him to explore his sexuality.


But at school, Timmy still didn’t fit in. He started to act out, to hide the way he felt and change how people saw him. Timmy was seeking comfort and he found refuge in using. Substances provided a false promise of peace (even though they returned a void of hope). But, like many who mimic the behavior of their parents, Timmy turned to the same solutions as his mom.


Then, in 2005, Timmy was involved in a near fatal accident and turned to opioids. Comfort came with each use. Still searching for love and belonging, Timmy moved out of his mom’s home to explore his sexuality outside of rural North Carolina. But his love was stunted by drugs. He became apathetic to not only the people around him but also to himself. And his battle with the progressive disease of addiction worsened.


History has a way of repeating itself. In 2008, Timmy was involved in another near fatal accident, but this time, the accident killed his best friend. Newfound grief and loss led Timmy on a path of destruction, disgust and disappointment. He burned bridges and abandoned trust.


Timmy was falling but there was no one left in his life to catch him. He was at the end of his rope and ready for change. Broken, he arrived at Healing Transitions on May 21, 2021. When he showed up, he found what he’d been searching for his entire life: love, acceptance, and understanding.


Timmy has been in active recovery ever since. He’s accomplished the huge milestone of completing Healing Transitions’ program. He was equipped to meet life on life’s terms and just in time for life to show up again.


In March, 2022, doctors found a 6cm tumor on Timmy’s brain. He was rushed into emergency brain surgery on April 1, 2022. And he was unwilling to allow this trial to steal his life.


He kept reminding himself, “I didn’t get sober to die.”


Timmy now had the answer to the tests of life. Hope fueled by the love of others. And this time, he knew he would win, in the name of recovery and love.


Both were waiting for him when he awoke from surgery to a picture on his phone of his Healing Transitions family circled around the courtyard praying for his protection. Timmy had found true community and love showed up in the form of flowers, cards, bracelets and wishes to be reunited again.


In Timmy’s past, his solution for problems was to self-medicate with drugs and alcohol. But that’s not his solution anymore. Timmy knows he can turn to his community. And his infectious hope bubbles over to everyone who has the privilege of meeting him. Timmy’s grateful that all of his trials led him to Healing Transitions’ door.
Who knew the once broken man, incapable of love (without it being attached to material or financial gain) would find true love in recovery?


“When I was at my darkest, HT became the light that brought me back to life. They gave my family their son and brother back. From this point on, I will dedicate my life to those needing recovery. Showing people that the promises are real. It took all of this for me to become this majestic unicorn that I always knew I was inside.”