Arriving in Raleigh on a Greyhound bus with only eight dollars, two pairs of clothing, and two sandwiches, Myron shares, “I didn’t have any hope. I had to borrow hope from someone who believed that if I was willing to take this step [and come to Healing Transitions], my life would be changed forever.”


Myron grew up in Little Rock, Arkansas, and from an early age, he remembers wanting to live a rock-and-roll lifestyle. “I wanted to be famous, so I chased fame and moved to Atlanta,” he said.


Even though fame never found him, he continued to live like a rockstar, partying “nearly every night.” After a few years in Atlanta, he moved south to Miami and kept up the charade. He eventually returned to Arkansas but continued to struggle with addiction and his unfulfilled desires for fame and wealth.


Myron was then referred to Healing Transitions by Serenity Park Recovery Center in Little Rock, Arkansas, which was founded by Joe McQ and utilizes the same 28-lesson recovery curriculum, Recovery Dynamics, that we implement at Healing Transitions.


“I felt like I was drowning,” that’s how Myron described his arrival at Healing Transitions. It was a very difficult decision for him, one that would change the course of his life forever.


After completing Healing Transitions’ long-term recovery program, Myron earned an Associate of Science in Criminal Justice from Wake Tech in 2013. “I never thought in a million years that this life was possible for me,” he reflects. 


He furthered his education at NCCU, obtaining a BS in Criminal Justice in 2015, followed by a Juris Doctor in 2021. He is now a licensed attorney in North Carolina.


Myron completed three degrees, all while maintaining full-time employment, sponsoring others, and holding service positions in recovery programs. He continues to sponsor men in recovery.


“I don’t believe in bad people, only bad decisions, and I don’t see offenders as people who are beyond repair. There are so many people who could’ve looked at me and thought I was beyond repair too.” 


Myron believes in the power of second chances, and so does Healing Transitions.


To the parent who’s feeling hopeless or the individual caught in the midst of their addiction, Myron has a word of encouragement to pass along:


“I felt the same way. I didn’t know what the future held, but I knew that my way of living wasn’t working. I didn’t have anything to lose, and when I came here, it was the best decision of my life.”