RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Like many things growing around the Triangle, the problem of drugs and alcohol is not immune.

The number of people coming through the doors at Healing Transitions looking for help with alcoholism and other substance use disorders has gone up.

Healing Transitions is the only long-term, peer-based recovery program in Wake County and is the September 2018 3 Degree Guarantee Charity. Since opening in 2001, Healing Transitions has provided 1 million beds of shelter on its men’s campus and more than 300,000 beds of shelter at its women’s campus.

CBS 17 Chief Meteorologist Wes Hohenstein visited the Raleigh men’s campus to meet with the executive director and one of the alumnus, both of which are former substance abuser.

Joey Leveille entered the program in January 2007 and is celebrating his 11th year in recovery. Leveille has made an amazing comeback with his work, family and personal life and is one of the many alumnus of the program that comes back to help the next round of people needing help.

“Folks show up here, they’re pretty beat up, society has turned away from them, their family is sick and tired of them and they have nowhere else to go,” said Leveille.

He goes on to say how important it is for everyone to come back and help saying, “Giving back is a huge part of it, both for the guys coming up and for me, keeping my lifestyle the way I want it to be.”

The program is free to all participants and unlike typical 28-day programs, participants can stay as long as needed for full recovery. Participants are also expected to work around the campus that serves over 290 men and women each day, both with food and sleeping facilities.

Chris Budnick, the executive director says how important it is for peers and alumni to help new participants coming for help.

“Two out of three employees are former participants, peers run the program, peers have accountability and peers offer hope,” said Budnick.

Budnick just celebrated his 28th year in recovery and has this message for those needing help: “We’re not going to judge you, we support you, the good news is most people can get into recovery, it just takes time.”

For more help and information on how you or a friend or family member can get help with alcoholism or substance use disorders, contact Healing Transitions here or call (919) 838-9800.