Timmy Fox’s remarkable journey from a participant in the Healing Transitions Long-Term Recovery Program to Silver Chipper #984 is a testament to the transformative impact that recovery has had on him. His unwavering commitment to serving others as a Recovery Engagement Specialist at Healing Transitions underscores this impact. 


In one of his college courses for addiction counseling, he was tasked with developing a project that has since flourished into a movement known as Rainbow Warriors. “I kind of thought this was a project, something fun to do at first. I never expected it to turn out the way it did,” he shares. 


Timmy wanted to create a safe zone specifically for LGBTQ+ members at Healing Transitions—a time and a room where they could talk freely, without the constraints of an AA or NA meeting. 


“I am deeply involved with Rainbow Warriors, but I’ve stepped back and allowed people like Austin and Arthur to take the reins because it gives them a purpose too,” Timmy adds. 


Arthur, a frequent attendee, shares, “I fell in love with Rainbow Warriors because it allowed me to be myself and be able to let my hair down. It made me realize that I, too, can recover in a safe zone.” 


Rainbow Warriors is open to everyone. Arthur continues, “This meeting allows me to be open-minded and not confined by stereotypes. It enables me to connect with other members of the LGBTQ+ community and allies alike.” 


Austin, another frequent attendee, highlights the importance of such a group in the recovery community. “The LGBTQ+ community represents a small percentage of individuals struggling with addiction, but it’s still important to have that representation, especially for those seeking recovery. Being able to express who you are is important in these meetings, and I think it’s great.”


This welcoming atmosphere encourages people to feel they can actively participate, knowing they are valued and embraced, rather than feeling compelled to hide or hold back.  


Austin expresses, “I love that this place allows us to be who we are. People need that message because, especially in recovery, many of us addicts and alcoholics have so much shame associated with our lifestyles before we got here.” 


Unlike most meetings, there is no agenda at Rainbow Warriors. “We go around, introduce ourselves, talk about how the group was formed. Then we ask if there is anything that anybody would like to talk about,” shares Timmy. 


The group shares, “I’m very grateful that HT supports Rainbow Warriors because it’s amazing when you go into a meeting and one day it’s probably like 10 people and then the following week you have 26 to 30 people. Just to see the open-mindedness of people who are willing to come together shows other participants that no matter your race, color, or sex, we’re all in this together and we will get through this journey side by side.”


Looking ahead, the Rainbow Warriors are excited to continue fostering this inclusive environment and hope to welcome individuals from outside Healing Transitions to join their meetings, as well as participate in local events that celebrate the LGBTQ+ community.